nfs most wanted cheats

Cheating is wrong ;)NFS Most wanted doesn’t use regular cheats anymore. I read a lot of articles, but every article which says it contains cheats, it actually contains tips about what to accomplish to unlock something. Probably the cheats are removed because of the ability to play online with friends. Nobody wants to race with cheaters, right? So if you really want to cheat in nfs most wanted, you can try trainers. This is really the best alternative, but only available for the PC game, as far as I know.

NFS most wanted Trainers

A trainer is a small program, made by a fan, which works by modifying values in the game’s memory space. Because the nature of the program,  antivirus programs might say the trainer contains a virus. You can just ignore those notifications, at own risk. My advice is to read reviews about the trainer, before using it. And just to be absolutely sure, create a recovery point on your pc, so if it goes wrong, you still can recover your pc. You can find trainers for NFS Most wanted by Google search, or you can visit Cheat Happens .com.

As you can see on the image below, a trainer is just a little program. It gives you the ability to own more nitro, more cash, to jump higher etc.

Trainer for NFS most wanted 2012

So if you own a PS3 or XBOX 360, I have to disappoint you. As far as I know there are no trainers available (yet) for XBOX 360 or PS3. So you better practice more to be better or if you are technical enough, you can create your own unique program for your console which gives you the ability to cheat.

Regular cheats become history. But technical fans will search for abilities to cheat anyway, no matter what.

Anyway, good luck with cheating! ;) I hope this article helped you out and gave you a bit more information about cheating in the new NFS most wanted game.